Watch: Man talks about Zam-Buk struggles in hilarious video

Watch: Man talks about Zam-Buk struggles in hilarious video

This man's video has got everyone talking on social media, and has got many nodding about how they can relate to his struggle.

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Screenshot / Facebook / Herman H Le Roux

Listen as Herman Le Roux talks about his hilarious Zam-Buk video below, or read the details under the podcast.

For me, it’s the headache tablets in that bottle with the child safety lock that nearly kills me every time. You know how you have to match the two triangles up - one on the lid and one on the jar and when they do, bingo! It opens. The opening process is enough to give anyone a headache. 

Well, just when I thought that I was the only one who had struggles with opening items, an hilarious video has gone viral after a South African man named Herman Le Roux showed the internet how difficult it is to open a tin of Zam-Buk.

I grew up with Zam-Buk at home, and if I ever got a ‘roastie’, my mom would rush out with the green tin. To be honest, over time the packaging has not changed, and neither has the warm, fresh scent.

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If you've ever used it before, you would know that it usually takes about half an hour to open, and then 30 seconds to apply, but the chances of the wound being infected were almost nil if you used it. 

Herman's video, which was posted on his Facebook page last week, did the rounds on social media with him asking the makers of Zam-Buk to create a more 'user-friendly' tin.

In his video, he tries to open the tin with his hands but fails hilariously, and almost throws it on the floor as he tries to pry the container open with a knife. Yikes! 

Watch the antics unfold below:

Video courtesy of Herman Le Roux (Facebook)

What object do you find ridiculously hard to open? The trick is not to name any brand, just describe the object. And go! 

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