Watch: 'Boozy' funeral divides the masses on social media

Watch: 'Boozy' funeral divides the masses on social media

The final send-off for a loved one is usually a solemn affair. However, one must remember that there is a fine line between celebrating a life and throwing a party.

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Listen to KZN reacting to whether or not it is appropriate to serve alcohol at funerals; 

Many have different views when it comes to hosting funerals. Some think it should be a celebration of their loved one's life, while others think that it's a time to go through the grieving process in a solemn fashion. 

However, one particular funeral has caught the eye of many, with Twitter questioning whether the activities were appropriate or not. The video, uploaded by Dumisani Hlophe ‏on Twitter, shows a funeral taking place in the background while a man in a blue suit grabs alcoholic beverages from a cooler box to serve guests observing the proceedings. 

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The video has already been viewed over 18,000 times at the time of writing, and many had mixed reactions after seeing the video. 

"They must respect the dead. Let them do it at your house. This new generation has no morals," said Mogale Thabo (@MogaleThabo)

"I agree it's well loud Gqoom music. There's order..and what if it's the deceased that requested all this...this is cool," said Thobz (@ThobzKilani).

While @Masi_Balane added: "Those people in that tent are elders ,so the can’t be new generation...I guess we don’t know the reason behind. first event you come across such,let’s not generalize."

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Watch the video below:

According to Daily Sun, it is not certain where or when the video was taken, but following the reactions, it has ruffled a few feathers. 

I am of the firm belief that we need to let our loved ones know how we want our lives to be celebrated at a funeral. For me, I wouldn't mind my family throwing a few cold ones back in my honour. 

Alcohol at funerals in African cultures is a given. In fact, it’s called ‘after tears’, and a bash is thrown. There’s loud music and alcohol galore, BUT I can see how many people would think this is wild.

Is it appropriate to serve alcohol at a funeral? 

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