Watch: 'Drunk Julius Malema' at nightclub causes stir on social media

Watch: 'Drunk Julius Malema' at nightclub causes stir on social media

A video of an allegedly drunk Julius Malema is doing the rounds on social media and it has the masses divided. 

Julius Malema in the club

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Video footage on Twitter, allegedly of EFF leader Julius Malema has surfaced on social media. In the video, Malema or his lookalike is seen struggling to stand up straight after having "one too many."

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Malema made headlines a few years ago after managing to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time, this after his wife apparently introduced him to a healthier lifestyle, which included him steering clear of alcohol. 

So is the person in the video Malema or his doppelganger? I mean the person looks just like Julius for a few split seconds of the footage when he turns and shows his face to the camera. 

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Opinions are divided with some people saying that if it is Julius, he’s setting a bad example, and others saying there’s nothing wrong with him having a few drinks outside of working hours. 

Watch below:

I don’t see the issue to be honest If it is Julius, it just looks like he's a bit tipsy He’s not staggering around and falling all over the place. It’s not like he’s drinking at a rally and if this is how he relaxes in his spare time, so what? If anything, this just shows he’s human.

If it does come out that it is him in the video, would it be an issue or not in your eyes? Let me know by commenting below. 

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