Trust this funny guy to cross cultural bounds and unite South Africa in laughter

Trust this funny guy to cross cultural bounds and unite South Africa in laughter

Carvin Goldstone - the Comedian tackles current affairs and social issues with a dose of humour.

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Every word out of Carvin Goldstone’s mouth is a biting observation of life. The comedian’s masterful range of accents cross cultural bounds, while his fiery wit keeps crowds in  constant fits of laughter. Goldstone grew up surrounded by storytellers, and his Indian, black, and coloured heritage influence many of his jokes. “The voice of the people that I was around, we couldn’t hear it on radio or TV,” Goldstone says. Today, he’s taking the chronicles of his community and giving them the platform they deserve.

Raised in Newlands East, Durban, Goldstone forged bonds with a diverse network of people. They became his foundation of support as he kickstarted his career. “It’s impossible for me to be where I am without my community,” Goldstone says. He voices their stories, sharing honest and hilarious tellings of life in South Africa. Laughter has the power to take us off the defensive, something Goldstone uses to grapple with difficult social topics.

Recently, the comedian embarked on a world tour of 21 countries. While Goldstone garners international recognition, he’s still committed to his roots. To open doors for up-and-coming entertainers from Durban, Goldstone founded the Next Generation Comedy Show. The platform ensures that the tales of his hometown are never forgotten, and that there’s space for new ones to be heard. Most of all, Goldstone is uniting people through humour. Rather than laughing at each other, we can laugh with each other.

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