Tried and tested: The bizarre home remedies that our grandparents taught us

Tried and tested: The bizarre home remedies that our grandparents taught us

Back in the day, our grandparents swore by those home remedies that would cure just about anything. Damon has decided to share some of the most bizarre ones he's heard and tried. 

Masala tea / iStock
Masala tea / iStock

I have a colleague who had a killer headache on Tuesday afternoon. Another colleague of mine told him to have ice cream, which is guaranteed to cure it - well, that's according to his grandmother's tried and tested remedy. 

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We’ve all heard of home remedies, bizarre or not, that we can use for various ailments. Growing up, I always used to drink apple cider vinegar which my mom said would keep our skin clear. I have to be honest and say it must have worked because I can’t ever remember having acne issues.

There are tons of bizarre remedies which people swear by. Natural Living Ideas has shared just a few. Take a look at the below:

  1. Hold your pencil between your teeth to help cure a headache (My colleague should have tried this).
  2. Spray vodka into your shoes to cure stinky feet problems. 
  3. Stand on a tennis ball to help with aching feet. 
  4. Use Listerine to relieve yourself of blisters. 
  5. Extract onion juice and insert it into your ear to cure earache. 

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What are some of the bizarre home remedies your family has taught you that actually work? I'd love to know. Share with me below.

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