#ThrowbackThursday: The TV programmes from your childhood

#ThrowbackThursday: The TV programmes from your childhood

It may have been a Disney classic or a South African favourite. Damon wants to hear about the TV programmes of your day in this Throwback Thursday edition of the show. 

Pumpkin Patch trailer / YouTube
Pumpkin Patch trailer / YouTube

It’s 'Throwback Thursday', and I want you to think back to the time of those TV shows you remember oh-so-well. 

For me, I can certainly remember being glued to the TV watching 'Miami Vice' and 'Knight Rider', and what about 'Cheers', 'Dallas', and 'Remington Steel'? Aaah, the good old days! 

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I remember those nights we used to make no plans as a family so we could watch our favourite show together. 

On the topic of past TV shows, let's take a trip down memory lane with a few of these South African children’s TV shows from days gone by: 

'Wielie Wielie Walie' (Aired between 1976 — 1996)

'Pumpkin Patch' (Aired from 1987 — 1991)

'Mina Moo' (Aired from 1987 – 1991)

What is the one TV programme you remember from your childhood, and can you name any of the characters? 

Main image courtesy of YouTube

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