This new luggage accessory is oddly terrifying, but works

This new luggage accessory is oddly terrifying, but works

If you choose to get this new luggage accessory, you're guaranteed to never lose or misplace your bag again!

face on luggage

There's nothing worse than traveling and having to worry about finding your luggage at your destination. We try everything to make sure our cases don't go unnoticed - including placing brightly-coloured ribbon and luggage tags on them. However, worrying about losing your case may be a thing of the past after seeing this.

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A London-based retailer called Firebox is now selling something called the 'Head Case', which allows you to upload an image of yourself, a friend or even a celebrity, and they will print a mesh made of durable polyester spandex which fits snuggly over your precious suitcase.

The 'Head Case' comes in three sizes and can be ordered via their online store, with pricing ranging from £19.99 to £29.99 (the largest costing roughly R500). So, get ready to pose for the perfect selfie or put on that duck face!

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