The snake that took 2017 by ssssssss-torm

The snake that took 2017 by ssssssss-torm

Danger is lurking somewhere in this photo and many on social media, including Damon Beard, tried to figure it out. Can you?

2017 snake danger
Twitter - Screenshot

In addition to all the illusions that made the rounds in 2017, the one that got me was the snake that hid in a photo which everyone lost their minds over after seeing. 

When I posted it back in April this year, the post went crazy and received well over 300 comments, with many losing their mind trying to figure it out. After looking at it for what seemed like an eternity, I eventually saw it, but now when I saw it again, I managed to lose it and can't seem to see the slithery creature. 

Are you able to see it? Let's have some fun with this one again. Check the picture out then comment with the words 'found it' if you managed to find it. 

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Ready? Go! 

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