The shocking South African street fight that got everyone talking in 2019

The shocking South African street fight that got everyone talking in 2019

We had way too many questions after seeing this video back in October - and now we finally can put an end to them all. 

It's natural for family members and loved ones to fight, but when the fight is as crazy as this one, it's bound to get attention on social media. 

In October, we told readers about a video of a fight between family members which was recorded by a neighbour. It shows the family viciously arguing and fighting.

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The fight started with the group arguing in the street before one man leaves and comes back with a large stick. After a few seconds, he starts swinging it at the other group, who can be heard screaming. 

At the end of the video, the neighbour who is recording the video can be heard screaming at the remaining three people that by Monday, they will be kicked out of the house that they are renting.

Check out the crazy video below:

An update on what really went down

We had way too many questions after first seeing the video, but thankfully our sister station in Gauteng, JacarandaFM, managed to get the low down on what really happened. 

Here's what they published in an article shortly after the incident went viral:

Wynand Janssens, the man with the amputated leg, was painting when he heard his wife, Ronel, screaming in the driveway. He rushed to the front of the house and to find people fighting.

Wynand, who lost his leg in a freak accident at work over 25 years ago when a 2-ton forklift fell on him, explained to the Scenic Drive team that the fight started because of his son's relationship with the blonde woman in the video. 

His son and the blonde woman were friends - nothing more. 

However, the blonde woman's boyfriend thought Wynand's son and the woman were having an affair. The boyfriend wanted to gather his friends to come beat up Wynand's son. Wynand further explained that the video was recorded more than a year ago.

Wynand also told Jacaranda's Drive team that it's very unfortunate that their 'dirty laundry' was exposed on social media, but at least now (a year later) they can laugh about it. 

Here are some of our picks of the memes that did the rounds on social media following the fight:

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