The one thing that Thandolwethu is thankful for in her life

The one thing that Thandolwethu is thankful for in her life

"There comes a point in your life when you need to stop and be thankful for the small things," says Thandolwethu.

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Since it's 'Thankful Thursday', I was asked by our team what I was thankful for at this point in my life. I had to ponder for a bit because, to be honest, there's a ton of stuff I am thankful for. 

I often sit and think back to how life was for me in the past, and boy-oh-boy did I have some wild days with my friends! 

My home was always known as the party home. All my friends would come over on weekends to chill, and while it was a vibe, it's very difficult to connect with someone on a personal level with the music blaring in the background.

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So, today I am thankful for my wild, carefree days because it was fun, and I did have the best time ever. However, as a person gets older, you tend to appreciate different things in life. 

For me now, I absolutely love winding down with a glass of something delicious in an intimate setting. Being seated in a gorgeous restaurant with great company, and able to connect on a one-on-one level, means more to me than hanging out with a huge group of people.

How about you? What's the one thing you're thankful for in your life today?

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