The eight-year-old KZN violinist carrying courage on her shoulder

The eight-year-old KZN violinist carrying courage on her shoulder

“I know I’m going to be a star one day,” eight-year-old Macy-Rose Heuff declares. 

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At the age of eight, this violinist is certain music will take her far. Heuff’s growing talent is already charming audiences. With the instrument in hand, she has the courage to pursue her dreams. “I feel calm, I feel brave, I feel soft, I feel love in the violin,” she says. 

Heuff knew she wanted to play the string instrument the moment she saw a performance on America’s Got Talent. Five years old at the time, she begged for lessons. Despite her initial reluctance, Heuff’s mother gave in. And it’s paid off. Since then, Heuff has proven her flair for music, having won gold at eisteddfods and performed in national concerts. “To be a professional like me, you have to love your instrument and play it every day,” she says. 

Though Heuff practises with unfailing discipline, she still wishes she had more time to play her heart out. Heuff hopes to make it onto global stages one day. In the meantime, she offers impromptu performances during breaks at her school, The Wykeham Collegiate. As Heuff shares her musical knowledge, other pupils sing along to her tunes. Bow to string, she’s creating a crescendo of happiness.

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