Teens captured on CCTV footage doing a good deed

Teens captured on CCTV footage doing a good deed

For once, CCTV footage has captured the goodness and kindness of humans.

CCTV good boys

We've all seen the famous 'CCTV footage captures' headlines - and the first thing that comes to mind when we see it has to be someone up to no good or a horrific accident on the roads, right?

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Well, a good deed has been captured on camera which features three young teenage boys from Poland who, at first, seem like they are up to no good.

But as the footage progresses, we learn that all these boys wanted to do was to help a homeless man by providing him with a duvet to keep him warm. They met the man previously and he revealed that all he wanted was a blanket to protect him from the harsh weather.

In addition to these teenage boys, our very own Jane Linley-Thomas chatted recently about a random stranger who lent a hand to save a woman amidst the recent #DurbanStorm. 

So, may these deeds be a reminder to us that there is still goodness and kindness in the world - even though sometimes we think that all hope is lost. Giving back to those less fortunate, in whatever small way you can, could inspire change.

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