Study: The way you hang your toilet paper says a lot about you

Study: The way you hang your toilet paper says a lot about you

While some choose not to give it too much thought, it seems that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the placement of your toilet paper.

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Listen as KZN shares their view on the topic below, or read the details under the podcast. 

It seems that the way you hang your toilet paper says a lot about you. It’s all about the 'over' or 'under' position that tells you what type of person you are. I kid you not!

In a toilet paper personality test reported by Maxim, 2,000 people were surveyed on which way they hang their roll of toilet paper on the holder. The results revealed that those who hang their toilet paper with the free end over-the-roll shows that they are a more dominant personality as opposed to those who leave the loose end under-the-roll.

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Some have gone as far as to turn the toilet roll around if they have noticed it placed in the 'under' position. Okay, I think that's a bit much, and to be honest I don't take notice when it comes to the orientation of a toilet roll. 

After reading the study, I rushed down to my bathroom to check how I hang my toilet paper. It's official: I'm an 'over'! 

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I asked my Producer, Zama, to send me a pic of hers. She's an 'under'. 

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Supplied / Zama Dlamini

Whatever works for you, I guess. As long as you replace the toilet roll when it's empty, then I'm happy.

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Are you an ‘over’ or an ‘under’ type of person? Do you think it makes a difference? Share your comments below. 

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