Sssssurprise! See the two-headed snake caught on camera

Sssssurprise! See the two-headed snake caught on camera

A rare two-headed copperhead snake has been caught on camera - and it has freaked out many on social media.

snake two headed snake pic
Two headed snake caught on video / Facebook

We've spoken about a few snakes on my show over the past few months, but we've never spoken about one as strange as this. 

An American discovered an unusual snake recently. The difference with this snake was that it had two heads - the left head appearing to be more dominant. 

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According to Indian Express, the copperhead snake that was found in Virginia, USA "has two tracheas, with the left one more developed. It has two oesophaguses, with the right one more developed. The two heads share one heart and one set of lungs".

It seems that it would be better if the right head ate, but it is a bit of a challenge since the left is more dominant, it was reported.

Snakes with two heads don’t live that long because there are just too many challenges living day to day with two heads, however, if the snake does make it, it is said that it will be given to an educational exhibit at a zoo.

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Of all the snake stories we've chatted about, this has to be the weirdest! Two heads are better than one, they say.

Watch below:

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