South African man takes to social media to celebrate his divorce

South African man takes to social media to celebrate his divorce

While divorce may be an upsetting time for some, one South African man has taken the time to celebrate his joy. However, many on social media aren't too pleased by his actions.

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Screenshot, Facebook (Bongani Sebuzo),

Divorce does not always end up being a sad affair. For some, it’s clearly a happy beginning they’re looking forward to, but, for others, it's a time of mixed emotions and grief. 

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It seems like Bongani Sebuzo from Kimberly took the high, joyous route when he took to social media to share his excitement on the day he got divorced. According to Daily Sun, Sebuzo tied the knot back in 2011 and filed the papers for divorce in 2015. 

Last Friday, he took to his Facebook page to share a series of pictures and an even a video of him writing the words 'just divorced' on the windows of his car. Ironic, because many newly-married couples normally write 'just married' with rattling tin cans hanging from their back bumper.

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See the pictures and video below:

The act of celebrating a divorce is not a new concept. Christine Gallagher has made a living from planning divorce parties. She threw her first party for a divorcee back in 2013, and the need for celebrating divorces has grown over the years. 

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“All the other significant events in life have ceremonies or rituals. The party can mark the end of something, the beginning of the rest of her life. The point of the party is to own what’s going on, to push aside old ideas of shame around divorce,” she told Mirror.

In Senzo's case, it seems that he has ruffled a few feathers on social media with his celebrations. See some of the reactions below:

What do you think? Is this man's way of celebrating his divorce insensitive or each to their own?

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