South African kids go viral for their rendition of the Haka

South African kids go viral for their rendition of the Haka

"Their little faces and expressions are enough to make your heart melt," says Thandolwethu. 

South African haka / Facebook
South African haka / Facebook

The Haka has to be one of the most expressive and sexiest things ever - especially if it's done by a hunky rugby player. Hmmm! 

According to Britannica, the Haka is a "posture dance that involves the entire body in vigorous rhythmic movements, which may include swaying, slapping of the chest and thighs, stamping, and gestures of stylized violence. It is accompanied by a chant and, in some cases, by fierce facial expressions meant to intimidate, such as bulging eyes and the sticking out of the tongue." It is usually done at functions, but mostly at rugby games.

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Obviously, it is a very sacred tradition and must be treated with the utmost respect, but when kids try doing it, it makes for the most adorable thing ever. 

A group of youngsters right here in South Africa have gone viral for their South African rendition of the popular war cry.

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The video shows one of the boys as the leader cheering on his 'team' as they stomp, slap their tiny chests, and sing along in Afrikaans. 

It made my heart melt - and it will do things to yours as well. Get ready to say 'Awww!'. 

PS: Can someone send this to the Boks, please? 

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