This social worker is closing the cycle of generational pain in the Cape Flats

This social worker is closing the cycle of generational pain in the Cape Flats

Danielle Moosajie is the Director of Arise and aspires to make sure every child is supported and loved in a family and home.


What do you give a child who has nothing? Social worker Danielle Moosajie starts with love. In the suburb of Heideveld, where she’s based, the community’s high levels of unemployment directly impact the youth. “Often, when families face poverty, many other human rights have been neglected,” Moosajie says. For the past 12 years, Moosajie has created avenues to help people grow. Her philosophy is simple: younger generations must come first. 

Moosajie is the director of Arise, an award-winning NGO dedicated to bolstering families and ceasing the challenges they pass down. “If caregivers aren’t dealing with the trauma they have faced in the past, that severely impacts their parenting,” she says. To build a stable environment for all, Moosajie offers support groups and individual counselling.

Under her guidance, families in the Cape Flats are uplifted together. Through school programmes, holiday clubs, and home visits, Moosajie guides them toward a path of healing. Her dedication provides hope for people fighting social challenges. “Though I’ve seen pain, I’ve also seen change,” Moosajie says. “When we strengthen families, we strengthen communities.”

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Meet the social worker from Arise Family bringing generations of suffering to an end.

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