Single mom of two gets most incredible gift

Single mom of two gets most incredible gift

Thanks to the Big Favour and Bluff Tyres, this mother of two can now travel safely on the roads and get her children to school.

I had an email from Louise telling us about her good friend and colleague - Moreblessing.

Moreblessing is just that: a ray of sunshine! She is a single mom with two children who does her very best to provide for them. 

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A year or so ago she was given a vehicle by a good friend, but after all the travelling, one tyre in particular needs to be replaced. At the moment, Moreblessing is pumping the tyre with air almost daily and it's definitely not safe for her or her children. With the salary she gets, it is not possible for any 'luxuries', so Louise wrote to me asking if we could see if there was anything we could do to help her replace the tyre.

Shanil and Michelle Rajkossore from Bluff Tyres responded to my plea immediately and agreed to sponsor Moreblessing with 4 brand new tyres.

Thanks to their loyal customers, Bluff Tyres is a leading fitment centre. In honouring their customers and as a token of their appreciation, Bluff Tyres would like to offer every customer that spends R1,000 or more a voucher ranging from the value of R200 to R800. This gesture is valid while voucher stocks last. To qualify, simply go into any one of Bluff Tyres' branches and shout out the catch phrase: “I AM A LOYAL CUSTOMER OF BLUFF TYRES!”

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