Should you delete your ex from social media after a breakup?

Should you delete your ex from social media after a breakup?

Even though you wouldn't see your ex face-to-face, for some, the thought of scrolling past their profile on social media may do more harm than good. 

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Damon's producer sent him a voice note about how his girlfriend wants him to delete his exes. Listen to the podcast, then read more below:

With social media going completely crazy over the last few years, it’s given us a platform to connect with anyone and everyone around the world.

If you're in a relationship, you would know that you wait for any opportunity to post selfies and videos with your loved one throughout your time together. Before you know it, your profile is filled with memories of your relationship. 

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But when a couple decides to breakup, for whatever reason, it could become complicated. The first question that goes through your mind: should I still keep them on social media?

If you decide to keep them, let me tell you that curiosity will be your own worst enemy because you will inevitably check your exes profile and see what they are up to - which may cause more harm than good. Not to mention if you see them moving on with someone else.

However, if you decide to delete them from your social media, there could be a possibility that you may offend them. But in all honesty, it could avoid the heartache and pain from 'seeing' them and who knows, if you guys do decide to go on a break, you can always add them back when things are worked out.

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In my case, I've deleted and blocked all my exes. I believe that once the relationship is over, there isn't any point keeping them in my life. If I do bump into them in public, I probably will greet and be friendly, but I certainly don't want to see them all over my timeline.

I guess it all depends on how a couple chooses to part, right? 

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