See the machine that's going to change the laundry game forever

See the machine that's going to change the laundry game forever

Laundry - everybody loves to hate it, but it has got to be done. However, a prototype is on the market that's going to revolutionise the way laundry is done forever - and Damon loves it! 

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Are you one of those people who hates folding shirts? If you could get a robot to do the folding for you, would you use it? The question would be – would this make your life easier, or are you just too lazy?

The robot, which is due to be launched later this year, can fold about twenty-five items of clothing in roughly five minutes. All you need to do is feed your shirt into the bulky machine, and within seconds it drops the folded clothing in the tray below.

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Would I use it? Probably not. It’s a bit bulky, and by the time you place the shirt in the correct position for the robot to load, you probably could have folded double the amount of shirts yourself.

It's a nice idea, though, but for me, give me a robot that I can tip my whole basket of washed laundry into, and when it can separate that, and fold it, then we’d be in business.

Check out the robot in action below:

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