Restaurant serves creative COVID-19 curry

Restaurant serves creative COVID-19 curry

The world has been adapting to what is considered the 'new normal' during the coronavirus pandemic, especially the food industry.


Restaurants have had to modify many aspects of their businesses, from how food is prepared to how waitstaff interact with guests and how the restaurant is arranged.

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However, one Indian restaurant, Multi-Cuisine in Jodhpur, India, has taken it to the next level by introducing a 'COVID curry'.

The eatery has decided to add the dish to the menu in the hopes of attracting more costumers and kick-starting the business again during these tough times.

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Now, what makes it a 'COVID curry'? 

It consists of a Kofta in the shape of pointy crowns, meant to resemble the coronavirus, served along with a paratha in the shape of a mask.

As an added bonus, they offer a special discount to any recovered coronavirus patients, as long as they can provide medical proof.

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The dish has grown in popularity amongst the locals and luckily the restaurant has done increasingly better.

Speaking on the dish, the owner mentioned that the mask and the virus share an unbreakable bond, so how could they serve a COVID-19 curry without a paratha mask?

We couldn't agree more!

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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