Polish first lady leaves Donald Trump 'hanging'

Polish First Lady leaves Donald Trump 'hanging'

Did the Polish first lady deliberately disregard Donald Trump's hand? Or was it an honest mistake?  

MegaJeremyFisher / YouTube
MegaJeremyFisher / YouTube

It's happened to me before and even though it's sometimes not intentional, it really leaves you feeling a little bit awkward and slightly embarrassed.

The moment you put your hand out to greet someone but the hand shake goes all wrong and you're left shaking hands with no one.

Thank goodness it's not just me it's happened to and this has WITHOUT DOUBT got to be the biggest snub in the history of snubs.

The moment Donald Trump goes in for a handshake with Poland's first lady, only to be completely snubbed.

Trump was on his recent visit to Warsaw when it looks as though Poland's First Lady is heading straight to him but as he puts out his hand, she walks straight past him and shakes Melania's hand instead.


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