Passengers 'tortured' by screaming child during eight-hour flight

Passengers 'tortured' by screaming child during eight-hour flight

Travelling with a child isn't always a breeze for parents. One child has been labelled by some as 'demonic' after seeing him in action during a flight.

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On Friday's Big Debate, Damon wanted to know if these parents should be held responsible for their screaming kid aboard this flight? Listen as KZN shares their view in the podcast, then read more below:

Being on a flight can be frustrating, especially if it’s one of those really long trans-Atlantic hauls which leaves you exhausted for weeks.

While you’re already dealing with passengers kicking the back of your chair and not having enough leg room, can you imagine how your frustration levels just soar to new heights when there’s also a screaming child added to the mix?

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According to LADbible, on a recent trans-Atlantic flight from Germany to New Jersey, passengers were forced to listen to an unruly kid screaming and running around for eight full hours - and it all began before take off.

One passenger recorded bits of each hour, adding captions to what they witnessed.

In the video, you can actually see the child climbing over the seats, screaming loudly, and running through the aisles as passengers tried to cover their ears to block out the noise.

Passengers called the kid's behavior 'unacceptable', saying that both the child and his folks should have been kicked off the flight before departure.

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Some have even said that they should 'call an exorcist' while watching this child in action. I would have probably lost my mind if I had to experience eight hours of this insanity...

This is clearly a total lack of discipline... or is it? Ultimately, it’s a kid and this is what kids do, especially in confined spaces on long-haul flights, right? 

On Friday's Big Debate, I want to know whether you think airlines should fine parents whose kids misbehave on flights?

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