Owner balances nine dice on cat's paw

Owner balances nine dice on cat's paw

This cat has some serious skills!


There's a story and a video doing the rounds at the moment which is attracting some hugely controversial comments.

The video shows the owner of a cat balancing nine dice on its paw.

The fact that the cat can balance nine dice on its paw is one thing, but it literally just sits there - dead still. 

It doesn't move!

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The owner then goes on to place a deck of cards between the cat's paws, and while some people say the video is cute, others are saying it's animal cruelty at its worst, with the owner abusing this animal.

Others are also saying that the owner of the cat is trying to humanise the animal and it's undignified to do so.

Has this cat been sedated or is it just absolutely not interested in what's going on?

Is it cute - or is it cruel?

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