Oink! Pig detained by cops for 'stalking' man

Oink! Pig detained by cops for 'stalking' man

Police officers were surprised when they found a very unusual stalker lurking on the streets of Ohio, USA.

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This has to be the most ludicrous story I've ever heard - and I've seen some pretty strange stories in my time.

I can imagine being a police officer would mean that you sometimes get the weirdest call-outs, but I'm sure that this one would have left them speechless.

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A pig in Ohio, USA has been taken into police custody after it was accused of stalking a man. Yes, you read right.

This was after a man called the police and said he was being followed by a pig. Assuming he was drunk, the cops arrived on the scene only to discover that the man was, in fact, sober.

The man, reported as Ryan Singley by News 5 Cleveland, said the pig was in good spirits and was behaving like a dog, begging for some love and care. 

"It was staying close to me, rubbing against my legs, and was trying to climb up my legs to get me to pet her," Singley said. 

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The pig ended up being taken to the police headquarters kennels and then later returned to its owner. Personally, I would hate to be found in a dark alley with this hog...

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