"My wife wants a male nanny for our daughter and I'm saying no"

"My wife wants a male nanny for our daughter and I'm saying no"

A KZN husband and father has expressed to Damon how concerned he is over his wife's adamant decision to hire a male caregiver for his three-year-old daughter.

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Listen to Tuesday's debate about male nanny's, or read the details under the podcast.

One of the hardest things in life as a parent is deciding to leave you child in the care of strangers. With the number of horror stories of child abuse doing the rounds, it's easy to see why it becomes a challenge to pick the right person to care for your child. 

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Being a nanny is an occupation that’s traditionally associated with women, and when I saw this message from a listener who happens to be a father and a husband, it really got me thinking, and then I wondered why I even found myself hesitating?

Here's what he had to say:

The only difference between a nanny and a manny is gender, right?

Last night, I asked a group of my friends if hiring a male caregiver would be an issue for any of them. Most of the moms I asked said they would have no problem hiring a manny for their sons, but not for their daughters. But why is this the case?

Do men in the industry face suspicion from the community regarding their motivation for wanting to work with young children? Or is it because, as one of my mom friends said: “I’d feel more comfortable with a lady wiping my daughters bum than a male."

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I may not be a father, but if it were me, I’d interview all candidates with an open mind. I’d be the father who does the most thorough reference checks ever, and I’d see who my children warmed to. 

It would be all about who I could trust with my child and which candidate would have the most positive influence in their life - irrespective of gender.

What are your thoughts on male nannies? 

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