"My boyfriend blue-ticks me on WhatsApp and I just cannot stand it!"

"My boyfriend blue-ticks me on WhatsApp and I just cannot stand it!"

The WhatsApp blue tick feature can either be helpful or drive you up the wall when you see that someone has read your message and chosen not to respond. A woman has experienced the latter with her boyfriend and vented to Damon about it. 

WhatsApp on phone / Pexels
WhatsApp on phone / Pexels

Listen to this woman's rant about her boyfriend's WhatsApp protocol, or read the details under the podcast:

Most social media platforms tell you when your message has been opened - like on Facebook Messenger, the recipient’s little profile picture appears next to your message. On WhatsApp, the double tick turns blue, indicating that the message has been read. 

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But what has to be the most annoying thing ever for those on WhatsApp has to be when people 'blue-tick' you, and there's no answer. "What did I do now?", you ask yourself.

If you have been a 'victim' of this, have you ever stopped to think the person could be driving, be in the bath, or with relatives who don’t believe in phones at the table? Our minds just automatically go to: "Why aren’t they replying?"

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While others start losing it when the tick turns blue, I choose to take the patient, calm path. Life is busy and there are so many things to do in a day that sometimes it's impossible to reply right away. Perhaps not opening a message if you can't reply immediately should be part of WhatsApp etiquette?

We asked listeners what their views are on being blue-ticked on WhatsApp. Listen to their responses below:

Do you get annoyed when people blue-tick you or is it more annoying to see them online and not reply? 

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