Mom left furious after theme park refuses princess makeover for son

Mom left furious after theme park refuses princess makeover for son

When her son was denied the chance to dress up as his favorite character, this mom decided to take a stand by writing a very open and honest letter about her feelings on equality.

disney princess makeover for son
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In this modern day and age, gender neutrality is something that is a matter that should not be taken lightly and some feel very strongly about. Especially this mom, who has taken to social media to chat about something that happened with her son.

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A mom has taken to her personal blog, Sparkles & Stretchmarks, to slam Disneyland Paris after her little boy was prevented from participating in the 'Princess for a Day' makeover session because he was a boy.

Hayley's little boy is obsessed with the Disney film 'Frozen' and loves wearing his Elsa dress around the house, but when she tried to book the special experience, including a makeover package and a photoshoot, the Paris-based theme park responded saying that it wasn't possible to book it for a boy and offered to arrange a 'tailored gift pack with some Princess-themed items' to give to Noah instead.

According to Metro, Disneyland Paris has since apologised to the family and says the experience is available to all children aged between 3 and 12, aiming to ensure that this miscommunication of their policy will not occur again.

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Just like Walt Disney himself said: "If you can dream it you can do it!", so what's the big deal? If a little girl wants to be a superhero, let her be one. If she wants to be a Jedi, that's fine. If this little guy wants to be a Princess for a day -no problem. Or is it?

How do you feel about gender neutrality amongst children? Do you think parents send the wrong message to children by allowing them to do this type of thing? I'd love to know what you think.

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