Massive black mamba found under car bonnet in Durban

Massive black mamba found under car bonnet in Durban

This is not the first time this year we've heard of a snake making its way through the East Coast. It seems all this snake wanted to do was hitch a ride.

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Listen as Jason Arnold from Universal Reptiles tells Damon about the black mamba he found under a car bonnet in the podcast, then read more below:

During the summer months, you’re most likely to find snakes in trees, grassy patches, in old sheds or perhaps just sunning themselves on top of a wall.

But when they appear in places you don’t expect to find them, you can only imagine the commotion they cause.

Times Live reported that this past weekend, a two-meter-long black mamba caused hysteria among shoppers in the Durban CBD when it slithered underneath a car bonnet. Police had to be called to cordon off the area to avoid any incidents occurring. 

When the owner of the car noticed the serpent, he immediately called Jason Arnold from Universal Reptiles to try and locate it. 

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Due to the noise in the area, the snake was hidden. The car had to be moved to the owner's home in Newlands West. Bystanders stood in fear and surprise as they watched Jason get to work to remove the snake. 

When he lifted the bonnet, he found the black mamba coiled up. Using his strength, Jason slowly pulled the snake out, all the while being careful not to harm it. It was rescued and all ended well - thankfully.

It is reported that the owner was calm throughout the incident. I'm not sure how he/she managed to contain themselves? If it was me, I would have probably freaked out and run for the hills. Ha! 

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Unfortunately, this black mamba's ticket to ride through Durban was short lived.

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