Maps Maponyane heads on a vacation to Mauritius with his mom

Maps Maponyane heads on a vacation to Mauritius with his mom

From losing his phone to soaking up the son, Maps Maponyane's recent trip to Mauritius was quite the adventure.

Maps in Mauritius / Instagram
Maps in Mauritius / Instagram

Remember the time the Breakfast team dragged their producer for heading to Mauritius with his mom and his bae? Well, for those that thought it was a bad thing, it doesn't seem to be so bad after all. 

I actually think it's a sweet gesture to reward your parents with a holiday if you can afford it. I guess it's your way of giving back. 

TV personality Maps Maponyane shares the same sentiments. He recently took his mom to Mauritius for an all-expenses-paid luxury holiday. 

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The star seems to be pretty tight with his mom, and judging by the behind-the-scenes snaps, they had quite the blast. 

The resort they visited had a host of activities to enjoy. He enjoyed it so much so that he even temporarily lost his phone in the process. Luckily it was one of those water resistant ones. 

If you think that going on a holiday with your parents is weird, think again, because Mr Maps just made it look like the most adorable thing ever. 

Check some of the snaps below:

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