Local couple get creative with wheel-spinning gender reveal

Local couple get creative with wheel-spinning gender reveal

Love cars? Have a baby on the way? Well, this couple's gender reveal will give you some ideas to help you announce your baby to the world.

Wheel-spin gender reveal / Dala U Crew
Wheel-spin gender reveal / Dala U Crew

There's a colleague of mine who is expecting her first child, and I remember the day she revealed the gender to me. I screamed in excitement and jumped up and down. Now every day I walk into work and ask 'How's my baby doing?'.

The concept of gender reveal parties is not a new one, but it seems that every trick in the book has been tried - cakes, eggs, and balloons, the options are endless for parents-to-be.

One local couple decided to put their love for wheel-spins to the test by incorporating it into their gender reveal party. Using two bags filled with coloured powder, the couple are seen alongside the car at the beginning of the clip, anxiously awaiting for the car to ride over the bags, revealing either blue or pink powder. Their friends and family can be heard in the background.

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The video was posted on the popular Dala U Crew Facebook page, and was captioned: "Gender Reveal, this Little Boys getting a Baby ....?"

I have sifted through the comments to see what people had to say. Some were excited, but as always, the haters were there dragging the couple for the powdered mess - questioning if they cleaned it up afterwards. Can we just applaud them for being creative, guys?

I am not sure who the couple are or where exactly the clip was shot, but I wish nothing but the best for this family with a baby on the way.

Vroom vroom! 

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