This little boy had a birthday party by himself

This little boy had a birthday party by himself

Mahlon Layne, 9, was shattered when no one pitched up to his birthday party.

Boy alone at party

Are you one of those who doesn't RSVP to events?

This story will leave you feeling SO bad if you do.

Nine-year-old Mahlon Layne had a birthday party and invited his friends to come along and celebrate with him.

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He made his own decorations for the party and his parents spent a whole bunch on pizza.

But no one arrived and the boy's mom wrote a heartbreaking letter on her blog to all the parents that didn't RSVP.

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The amazing thing is that since her blog post, only one parent actually got in touch and admitted that they had no reason for not RSVPing.


There is a happy ending here though - the nine-year-old got to celebrate his big day when the local fire department heard about his disappointing day and invited him and his family to the fire station for a visit and VIP treatment.

The picture below taken by Mahlon's mother Kirsten, shows him spending a day as a fireman 

Boy with fireman

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