Listen: "My partner forbids me from going to my office Christmas party"

Listen: "My partner forbids me from going to my office Christmas party"

It's the party the entire office has been waiting for. The invites have been sent out on email, you speak to your partner, and you get a big "no" from them. What do you do in this instance?

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Listen to anonymous' voice note about her partner forbidding her from going to her Christmas party, or read the details under the podcast. 

It’s that time of the year where Christmas parties are in full swing, and while it’s not an issue for some, it’s a big deal for others, because their controlling partners won’t let them go.

The thing is, controlling behaviour from a partner knows no boundaries and a toxic relationship can sneak up on any of us, at any time. A controlling partner doesn’t need to be the grumpy bully or the one who tells his or her partner how to dress or where to go.

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Sometimes the emotional abuse and manipulation are enough, so much so that the person who is being controlled believes that they are the problem, or that they are lucky that their controlling partner even 'puts up' with them.

Unless you have a history of being in the business of hooking up every time there’s a Christmas party or even getting a bit too out of control, how can it be right that your partner dictates where you can and can’t go? 

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Do you think your partner has the right to dictate to you where you can and can't go? Let me know below.

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