Life coach on acknowledging weaknesses

Life strategist on acknowledging weaknesses

Last week, life coach Ica Mbebe spoke about forward planning and gratitude, and this week she is tackling something that we're all guilty of having but sometimes choosing not to acknowledge.

Life Coach Ica at the ECR Studios / Abhi Indrarajan
Life Coach Ica at the ECR Studios / Abhi Indrarajan

Listen to life strategist Ica on acknowledging weaknesses, or read below:

Personal weaknesses or hindrances are areas that you have the power to improve upon. 

Acknowledging them contributes to personal growth, as even the slightest improvement can make a huge impact. One cannot simply overcome what they do not acknowledge.

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In week three of our journey to self-discovery, I share info on things that are hindering you from reaching your dreams, and how you can reduce your distractions to be successful. 

Stay tuned during the next 21 weeks as I walk this journey with you. 

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