Is armpit hair for women a growing trend in today's society?

Is armpit hair for women a growing trend in today's society?

Celebrities and a select few individuals are embracing 'pit love' in all its hairy glory, but is it possible that this could become another beauty trend for women in 2018?

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There have been many beauty trends over the past few years. Some have stuck around for ages like adorning lipstick, but some like plucking of eyebrows have just been embraced in more recent times. However, there are some beauty trends which still raise an eyebrow or two for women who go against the norm.

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Research agency Mintel has conducted a survey which has said that women between the ages of 16 and 24 have stopped shaving their armpit hair and even stopped shaving their legs, Huffington Post reports. It seems as though millennial women have shifted their attention to wellness as opposed to female grooming. 

In addition to the millennial women, it seems as though female celebrities are also getting behind this new 'trend'. Just recently, an American fashion model, 22-year-old Gigi Hadid, caused a stir when she was seen in a video boasting a two-piece activewear outfit with underarm hair. The shock, the horror!

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This seems to have a portion of society literally losing their minds, with some people saying that her armpit hair was too distracting for them to watch the video and it should have been shaved. On the flipside, a ton of people came out to support her.

However, it is not the first time that a celebrity has come out to embrace their hairy pits. Just a few weeks ago. Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon was seen in an Instagram video with her mom on New Year's Day with her unshaven arms up.

American actress and daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris, has also been caught with her arms up in all its unshaven glory. Many have praised her for embracing body hair, while naturally there were some trolls.

Women are challenging the norm and embracing their natural underarm hair. From my side, I say do 'you'! If as a woman you feel comfortable in embracing your hairy armpits, then, by all means wear them proudly and for the world to see. People always will react when one challenges the norm, but if it makes them feel comfortable and at peace with themselves, then go for it. After all, it's your choice and you shouldn't be made to feel that what you're doing is wrong.

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On the other hand, what about those skeptics who disagree with 'pit love'? I want to hear from you, the people of the East Coast. Ladies, is this growing trend one that you would consider doing? Guys, would you be happy if your partner made the choice to not shave their armpits?

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