Incredible drone footage captured of sardine netting in Doonside

Incredible drone footage captured of sardine netting in Doonside

Gerhard Britz, aka 'Drone Dad', is back again with more spectacular drone footage, this time of sardine netting which took place right here in our backyard. 

Sardine Netting doonside / YouTube (Gerhard Britz)
Sardine Netting doonside / YouTube (Gerhard Britz)

Capturing video is one thing, but drone footage just takes things to a whole new level - especially when the footage captured gives us a perspective that we may not have seen before.

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Amanzimtoti resident Gerhard Britz bought himself a drone and loves sending it up into the sky to capture incredible sights. He has been featured on the East Coast Radio website before in the article titled "Could this be Durban's best and most beautiful beach?" - and blew us all away with his footage. 

Britz, aka 'Drone Dad' as he calls himself on his Instagram account, has done it again by shooting some pretty cool drone footage of sardines being netted in Doonside. 

The footage was captured this past Tuesday, 9 July. He told us that he went down to Doonside beach out of curiosity to see what all the sardine hype was about. 

"I wanted to see what it [the sardine netting] looks like out of curiosity. The sardine thing is super interesting - from how they catch them, net them, and even sell them," he said. 

Fishermen discovered a small shoal nearby, and that's when Gerhard immediately sent his drone up into the skies. 

The two-minute 35-second clip captures the moment the nets are cast, as well as when they pull it back to shore filled with the silvery fish. 

When asked if being a drone photographer is his full-time job, he chuckled, saying: "I would love it if it was my full-time job. It's just a hobby of mine that I'm really passionate about."

According to Newswatch, the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board said they are hopeful sardine netting will continue well into the new week, and that beachgoers must continually check with lifeguards if the waters are safe to enter or not. 

Get ready to see sardine fever from a whole different angle:

Video courtesy of Gerhard Britz 

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