“I’d rather have you back home as a divorcee than in a coffin,” – KZN shares wise words from their dads.

“I’d rather have you back home as a divorcee than in a coffin,” – KZN shares wise words from their dads.

Father's Day is on Sunday and we're celebrating them by remembering and listening to their advice...


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This year Father's Day will be celebrated on 21 June, and even though we are in lockdown, we can still celebrate the dads of KZN.

Thandolwethu asked KZN to share some of the beautiful messages or advice their dad shared with them that they will never forget.

Responses on Facebook brought us to tears, with many listeners missing their dads who have passed on. They've shared the great words of wisdom and guidance from their fathers which they've carried with them throughout their lives. Read some of them below: 

May-Ann Bekker - Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind, and that a woman can rule the world with finesse and charm. She doesn’t need to revert to nagging, screaming and fighting.

Veneshree Munsami - I remember two things...

1. No matter how much you have financially never have pride, always stay humble and treat every person with the same respect despite their status in society as we are all human and there is only one God!

2. The two days before he passed away and the day he came with me to book my hospital bed for the birth of my son, he turned as he walked away and said take care of yourself and your sisters and I am always watching you💝😭

It's going to be 12 years in Aug since he died but I miss him like it was yesterday😢😥😭

Seema Sithlu - My dad passed away 11 years ago. He told me on my wedding 22 years ago, "If you think marriage is a bed of roses remember there are also thorns on those roses. Enjoy the good moments, treasure it and during the tough days stand together and you'll endure it." We have come so far only because of his advice. He was so right and I miss him every day. 

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What has your father said to you that you’ll never forget? It could be really deep or really funny, but something that will stay with you forever.

Posted by East Coast Radio on Thursday, June 18, 2020
Dad's we salute you, Happy Father's Day 

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