I am Irene Munthree and I am a racist

I am Irene Munthree and I am a racist

Life coach, lover of poetry, and self-proclaimed racist. 

Irene Munthree
Supplied. Irene Munthree

Thandolwethu came across a poem that caught her attention in a big way. It's called 'I am a Racist' - and it's by Irene Munthree. Before you make a judgement about the situation, take a listen here:

After going to a poetry session and being surprised by a black man performing a powerful poem, she realised that she was racist. She attributes her beliefs to being born during apartheid in South Africa, where she comes from, and her past. 

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In her open and honest interview with Thandolwethu, she did not shy away from her beliefs and instead believes that if she is honest, it will set her free.  

She came to the realisation that if she accepts her beliefs and if she deals with the way she is feeling, she will then be able to move past it.

Listen to her open and honest interview with Thandolwethu:

When asked whether she is still a racist, she answered that she is meeting her racism every day, managing it, and trying to overcome it, as this is not an overnight process.

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