How a kite-maker is elevating mental health awareness

How a kite-maker is elevating mental health awareness

Bobby will be flying his kites and teaching people how to make them in support of Cape Mental Health.

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You can’t tell a depressed person to go fly a kite. But that’s exactly what Bobby Gathoo does – because he’s experienced the benefits of it. “I dealt with my brother having schizophrenia by making kites as a form of escape,” Gathoo says. Now, the award-winning kite enthusiast is passing on his skills and teaching others to turn to the skies and uplift themselves.

“Seeing a kite fly, you forget about all the daily problems that you experience,” Gathoo says. He shares the happiness by participating in the annual Cape Town International Kite Festival. Attracting kite-makers from all over the world, the event raises funds and awareness for the NGO Cape Mental Health. 

For the past nine years, Gathoo has presented his bold, vibrant creations, and offered kite-making workshops. Tying together precisely-measured bamboo sticks and geometric pieces of paper, he sets his artistry to the wind – a wave of awe from onlookers rippling behind.

Through his hobby, Gathoo is advocating for better mental health. “When you’re feeling low, it’s always good to get out and fly a kite,” he says. The whimsical activity inspires and enhances creativity from a young age. And with fresh air, warm sunlight, and a spectacular paper bird soaring above, you can set the scene for a positive life.

These colourful kites are raising mental health awareness.

IMAGE: Beautiful News

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