How to cook pasta without using boiling water!

How to cook pasta without using boiling water!

Do you think pasta needs a bit more of a kick? Then this recipe is made for you!


This new style of cooking pasta has taken over the internet!


The reason is because it doesn’t include boiling water...


A Cosmopolitan writer did some experimenting and decided to cook pasta using only... wait for it... bacon fat and chicken broth!


So here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:


1. Cook bacon

Remember to cook the bacon in a pot because this is ideally what you will cook your pasta in.


2. Add garlic to the bacon fat

Take the bacon out of the pot, pour out most of the bacon fat, but not all of it. This is how you will sauté your garlic!


3. Add uncooked pasta

Add the pasta to the pot with garlic and a bit of bacon fat.


4. Add the chicken broth


The amount of liquid might take some time to get right but there should be a tablespoon or two of liquid left when the noodles are done cooking.


Apparently there will be so much flavour in the pasta from the bacon fat and chicken broth that you will be blown away!


Will you try this recipe at home?

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