Homeschooling on the rise in SA

Homeschooling on the rise in SA

Homeschooling in South Africa is more popular than ever. 

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Homeschooling seems to be gaining more and more popularity as the years go by. Since 1997 where only 2000 children were being home schooled, the number has increased to 57 000 according to Stats SA’s  census in 2011.

Among the reasons for parents choosing to home school their children, a lot of parents felt that they could give their children better education and attention seeing as some schools had large numbers in the classes, and wanted to prevent their kids from “falling through the gaps”. They also wanted to protect their children from being bullied and exposed to violence.


I am a huge fan of mainstream schooling. I was fortunate enough to have attended private school therefore our classes were smaller than most schools.


I remember when I was in Grade 4, we had 2 home schooled children come play with us everyday at “big break” because their mother wanted them to learn the social skills that come with being in a regular school.

Do you have home schooled children?

What are your reasons for home schooling?

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