'Feed in darkened room at 11pm': Strange baby routine from the 1950's

'Feed in darkened room at 11pm': Strange baby routine from the 1950's

A guide for mothers which dates back to the 50's has been blowing up online after it surfaced, with many questioning its recommendations. 

Baby's day 1950's / The Sun
Baby's day 1950's / The Sun

Listen as KZN parents share their parenting advice, or read below:

A bizarre routine for babies which allegedly is from the 1950's has appeared online, and the routine itself has parents scratching their heads.

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Titled 'Baby's day', the eerie-looking list has various activities from 6am through to 11pm, including allowing your child to 'kick on bed without clothes' and feeding in a dark room.  

The Sun reported that apparently it was taken from a very old book was which used as a parenting guide for back in the day. 

Social media users were unsure about the list.

"oh i wish ,premature twins ,feeding every 2hours ,just crawl into bed and up again lol," said Elaine McGreskin.

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While Gabriella Slavinski added: "I think something is seriously wrong with this daily schedule - what about mum, does she get a break...18 years and they're out the door 😢 more like, first week - how I can I send it back 🤣🤣 kudos."

Check out the list below:

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