Fearless man clings on during high-speed truck hijacking

Fearless man clings on during high-speed truck hijacking

This hijacking attempt looks like something out of a death-defying action movie.

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We all know that hijackings are rife in South Africa and criminals have no respect for the lives of others - or the law for that matter. It’s clear that criminals are becoming more and more brazen by the minute and will do anything to get what they want.

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According to News24, an insane video has left people in a frenzy. It shows the attempted hijacking of a moving truck just before the Grayston Drive on-ramp in Johannesburg. 

It is alleged that the truck was followed by a vehicle which had four occupants. As it slowed down with the flow of traffic, one of the people in the vehicle got out and attempted to get into the truck. The truck driver sped up to 'shake' the man off the truck, but he clung onto the truck's mirror for dear life. 

The fearless hijacker held on while the truck sped down the freeway. He then made his way across the front of the vehicle. 

Police, who witnessed the series of events unfold, managed to catch the hijacker and three individuals in the car behind. However, they had to be released without any charges, as no weapons were found. 

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My thoughts: What about charging them for merely behaving like this on a highway? They could have put so many lives at risk by attempting something like this. Criminals should be charged for their actions, I stand by my word.

This is insane! 

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