Fast-food worker extends helping hand to man with disability

Fast-food worker extends helping hand to man with disability

Grab the tissues for this emotional video which will show you real humanity and kindness.

restaurant disabled man
Facebook / Laurinha Victória

A woman at a mall's food court in Brazil has posted a heartwarming video of a fast-food employee feeding a disabled man, and millions of people all over the world have been blown away by it. 

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While sitting at the mall food court, she noticed that an employee brought the seated customer his food, but when the employee saw that the man was having difficulty using his arms to feed himself, he sat beside him and helped him eat. The video has been viewed over 19-million times and has had over 450,000 shares on Facebook.

The video has also caused an outpouring of grateful reactions, with many praising the employee for restoring their faith in humanity.

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This will warm your heart and is the perfect feel-good video for the week:

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