Escape the city and make a run for the Valley of 1 000 Hills

Escape the city and make a run for the Valley of 1 000 Hills

Escape the city and make a run for the Valley of 1 000 Hills

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Forget the trudge of city life. Follow the beat of drums and the call of the African fish eagle to the Valley of 1 000 Hills, a flourishing region that revitalises the senses. Here, each rise holds the promise of yet another exhilarating experience. 


Set off from Durban and drive 45 minutes to the Valley of 1 000 Hills. This is the former realm of Shaka, the legendary king who reigned in the 1800s. 


Immerse yourself in Zulu traditions and learn the meaning behind the colours and patterns of the customary beadwork. Stop by Woza Moya Craft Store in Hillcrest, where award-winning art is created by the community. At the PheZulu Safari Park, the Gasa clan show off their heritage by dancing, drumming, and sharing the time-honoured skill of spear and shield making. While you’re here, embark on a game drive and look out for roaming wildlife, from wildebeest and giraffes to zebra and blesbok. 


No trip to this region is complete without a ride on the Inchanga Choo Choo. Fired up once a month by the Umgeni Steam Railway, it steadily chugs through the lush land. Beyond the whistle of the train, silence descends upon the Makaranga Garden Lodge. Walk along tranquil paths, where a diverse range of indigenous and exotic plants thrive.

Escape the everyday in the Valley of 1 000 Hills. Journey here and you won’t just be making a quick getaway, but dancing.

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One thousand hills steeped in culture? We’re already planning our next trip.

Posted by Beautiful News on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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