Durban thief steals handbag from shopper's trolley

Durban thief steals handbag from shopper's trolley

To all the ladies who thought their bag was safe inside a shopping trolley, you may want to think again after seeing this footage.

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Facebook / Shamz Trimm

Listen as Damon chats to Shamz, the daughter of the woman who had her bag stolen out her trolley recently below, or read the details under the podcast:

I have said it before, and I will repeat it. I cannot believe how brazen some criminals are. I am in awe how some of them operate in a public setting and think they will get away with it. But thankfully, CCTV cameras were invented to help us catch them in their tracks. 

CCTV footage has been doing its round showing a female thief bravely taking a lady’s handbag out of her trolley, right under her nose! The incident occurred at a popular mall in the South of Durban this past Mother's Day.

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As the shopper, Feroza Trimm browses through the clothing racks of the store, the thief casually takes her handbag out of the trolley using clothes to disguise herself, before casually strolling off with her male partner in crime.

Her daughter, Shamz posted the video to her Facebook page.

Watch the footage below:

If you think you recognise the suspects in this video, I urge you to contact your local authorities. Let's stop these thieves from striking again. 

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