Drunk driver miraculously survives horrific accident

Drunk driver miraculously survives horrific accident

This eye-opening video will show you the real dangers of driving while intoxicated. 

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If you’re one of those people who goes out, has a few drinks, and thinks you’re still okay to drive, this video serves as a reminder that it’s most definitely not right to do it - ever! 

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An horrific accident was caught on CCTV cameras, showing an alleged drunk driver knocking over two road signs, and then smashing into a lamp post. Ouch! The incident is said to have taken place in South China.

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What's amazing about this particular video is that after the car knocked into stuff and somersaulted, the driver was seen miraculously walking away from the wreckage like nothing happened. What?! 

The only thing I have to say about this is, don’t drink and drive – the end.

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