Drug addicts found unconscious after 'taking heroin’

Drug addicts found unconscious after 'taking heroin’

Warning: This video footage is not for sensitive viewers. 

You want to see the effects of snorting heroin?

Well, take a look at this picture and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Here's a couple sprawled out on a pavement while bystanders watch and laugh.

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The guy who posted the video says there's a very clear message behind it, saying that youngsters will watch this hectic footage and say "I don’t want to look stupid like that".

Other people are saying that the video should never have been posted, with one person saying: "I don't care what color, religion, economic status you are, you deserve to be treated with common decency…"

It doesn't matter if drugs cause this or not, no deserves to be laughed at and treated like this!

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