"Do what you can afford," says couple who spent R75 on their wedding

"Do what you can afford," says couple who spent R75 on their wedding

If you think you need a massive budget to plan the wedding of your dreams, think again. This couple spent R75, and haven't been happier.

Samkelo Bless Khowa and Latoya Khowa  / Facebook
Samkelo Bless Khowa and Latoya Khowa / Facebook

LISTEN: Thandolwethu caught up with Samkelo about his R75 wedding. KZN also shared their wedding costs. Hear it, or read below:

I like to think when I eventually tie the knot, it's going to be great pomp and ceremony. I love a good celebration, so you can only imagine that I will be pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone is having a good time on my big day.

Weddings can be costly and is said to put many in debt due to the high costs each year. One Vereeniging couple, Samkelo and Latoya Khowa, could not afford a massive wedding due to budget constraints, so instead of canning the entire idea, they decided to celebrate their love by having a R75 wedding at a home affairs office instead. 

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Speaking to W24, Samkelo knew that he would marry his now-wife when he first met her. Adorable! The 25-year-old fell on hard times and on some days had no food to eat. When he knew that he was ready to make her his wife, he went to her parents to ask for her hand in marriage, and they had a little blessing at church with rings that cost less than R2,000, it was reported. 

R75 later and they were pronounced husband and wife at home affairs. Samkelo took to Facebook to share the good news.

"We payed only R55 for Marriage Certificate and R20 to release it 😊 Free yourselves from Debts,do what you can afford and be happy,life goes on. My sister don't put Pressure on him in the name of "What will people say," he said. 

Latoya said that she did have dreams of having a big wedding, but as she got older, she realised that sometimes it's not always possible. 

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They both added that they don't care what people say, and they couldn't have made a better decision. 

To Samkelo and Latoya, here's wishing you years of wedding bliss. I salute and commend you for living your lives the way you want to, and making a decision that best suits your pocket. At the end of the day, a marriage should be based on love, and not about a massive wedding.

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