Damon: Should nude beachgoers be prosecuted if caught?

Damon: Should nude beachgoers be prosecuted if caught?

Now that the Public Protector has ruled against nude beaches, Damon decided to put the question out to East Coasters to find out what they think should happen to beachgoers who still want to go nude on the shoreline?

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According to our Newswatch team, the Public Protector has ruled against the proposed nude beach near Trafalgar on the south coast after naturists applied to the municipality to have a stretch of beach declared an official nude beach. The first public hearings took place three years ago. 

On Thursday, I chatted to Christo Bothma, Chairperson of the KZN Naturist Association, about his thoughts on the decision. Take a listen to him in the podcast below:

Now that the ruling has been made, do you think that nude beachgoers should be prosecuted if they are caught or should it be something that is just overlooked?

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